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Police Application - bar nagar - 03-23-2019

RP Name: bar nagar 

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:181982207

Age: 17

Profile Link:

Mic yes/no?:yes 

What is the correct procedure if you want to pull someone over?: tell him 2 stop in the next safe spot and then talk to him about what he did

What should you do if someone is evading but not endangering any lives?:

tazing him and then handcuffing him and taking him 2 jail

When are you allowed to shoot at someone? Name 2 scenarios:
when there is a risk of life 

and when he starts shoting

Are you allowed to be corrupt?:no

Any past experience as a cop? (Doesn't have to be only gmod):
yes in gmod on other server but not alot.

Do you understand that you need to follow all traffic laws?:
yes ofc im a police after all and im the law.

RE: Police Application - PotatoTurtle - 03-23-2019

--- Accepted ---