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Roy Malka Application - roy100109 - 03-23-2019

RP Name: Roy Malka

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:38260105

Age: 17.8 years old

Profile Link:

Mic yes/no?: Yes

What is the correct procedure if you want to pull someone over?: I will tell him to pull over on the loudspeaker then i'll talk to him about what he have done.

What should you do if someone is evading but not endangering any lives?: I will try to run after him and stop him, But if he will keep running and he will dont listen to me i will taze him with the stun gun.

When are you allowed to shoot at someone? Name 2 scenarios:
1) when someone Pointing at someone else's a gun and endangering his life.
2) when the target shooted at me first.

Are you allowed to be corrupt?: No.

Any past experience as a cop? (Doesn't have to be only gmod): Yes , i played alot as officer on couple of servers...

Do you understand that you need to follow all traffic laws?: Yes i do.

RE: Roy Malka Application - PotatoTurtle - 03-23-2019

--- Accepted ---