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General Rules

Use common sense!
A1. Do not attempt to hack (run any kind of clientside script), exploit or do anything to otherwise harm the server.
A2. Minor disrespect is tolerated, however severe chat/voice abuse (death threats, racism, sexual harrasment etc.) are not.
A3. Do not prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam.
A4. Body-blocking is not allowed, the person you are blocking has the right to kill you if you have before given them a verbal or chat warning.
A5. Scamming is not allowed whatsoever. Blind Auctions are also not allowed.
A6. Do not impersonate any member of the staff team, nor slander them in chat.
A7. Do not Metagame.
A8. You do not need to /advert engagements like CARJACK, MUG, STEAL, HEIST, ETC.

A9. AFK Farming is not tolorated. 
A10. Non criminal jobs cannot do serious criminal things like owning a weapon or growing weed but they can do not serious crimes like speeding.

B1. Do not randomly kill someone (RDM - Random Death Match)
B2. Follow the New Life Rule. If you don't know what it is, scroll down to the 'New Life Rule' section.
B3. You may not KOS/assassinate any player for no valid RP reason (scroll down to "Advanced RDM Rulings").
B4. Do not disconnect, suicide, change jobs, etc to get out of a role-play situation (Combat Logging).
B5. Playing unreasonable songs such as "Ear Rape" on the radio is not allowed.
B6. Do not cop bait. This means deliberately breaking the law to cause a pursuit/gunfight etc.

Government Specific Rules

C1. Government jobs may not kill other Civil Protection members.
C4. Do not randomly weapon check someone. (Being in the PD is reason enough for a check)
C5. Police do not need to declare engagements, however they must have a warrant in order to raid. A building open to the public does not require a warrant to go into, unless there is a closed off private area such as a back room.
C6. You may only place a warrant if you see criminal activity within the base, a wanted person owns it (or if the owner of the base is currently in jail) or you hear gunshots or explosions within a base.
C8. Corrupt government jobs are against the rules.
C9. Police may ONLY shoot at someone if they are holding a weapon. They can shoot out a car its tires if the driver is resisting to stop.
C10. Police may request entry to a base, but they cannot force entry without seeing criminal activity.
C11. Police may request a fine of up to $12,500 for any citizen who breaks any valid road law (Speeding, driving w/o headlights etc.).
C12. The Police Commissioner may set up one checkpoint to stop and search people and vehicles. It must allow for vehicles to pass through. It's up to the admins currently on the server to determine whether or not the checkpoint is allowed.

New Life Rules

D1. Standard NLR timer is 3 minutes; you may not go back to your place of death in this time.
D2. If you died in an ongoing raid, the NLR times increases (or decreases) until the end of that raid.
D3. When you die you forget everything about your life, including who killed you, you cannot revenge them.
D4. If you are RDMd there is no NLR. (Staff decides if it was RDM or FailRP)

Kidnapping & Mugging

E1. You can only mug someone for a maximum of £5,000
E2. Once you have kidnapped a player, you must either demand someone pay for their release or force them to work.
E3. After declaring kidnap, you may only hold your victim in imprisonment for 15 minutes or less.
E4. You may not attempt to kidnap or mug someone who already has a gun out. They hold the right to kill you if you do.

Cooldowns & Limitations

F1. Occupying Territories: None
F2. Raiding the Bank: Timer is on the vault.
F3. Mugging a player: 15 Minutes
F4. Carjack: 15 Minutes - You can only have 1 jacked car at a time.
F5. Kidnap: 10 Minutes  - You can only have 2 kidnapped people at a time.

Advanced RDM Rules

Reasons you cannot use to kill someone:
   They are standing on your head.
   They are standing on your car.
   They are loitering outside your base.
   They are "annoying"/"insulting" you.
   Because they are police.
   Because they previously killed you.
   They are a member of a "rival gang". (Unless: See Gang Rules.)
   They are spamming their mic (report this to an admin).

Reasons you can use to kill someone:
   They are using their body to block your entrance (you must, however, type a warning in /advert chat to move out of your way in local chat and give them a 10s chance to move of the way).
   They are stealing your car.
   They are taking over territory.
   You feel threatened for your life (If someone is shooting at you with a weapon that can KILL you - tasers are not included) as long as you are not violating FearRP by doing so.
   If the police is arresting your fellow gang member.
   If people are kidnapping your fellow gang member.

Gang Rules: (These override above rules)
G1. If your territory is being occupied, you can defend it by killing people that are occupying it. NLR still applies.
G2. If war is engaged between 2 gangs, they are allowed to KOS each other. If your Gang Leader says not to, but you still kill the other gang it is RDM.
G3. If your fellow gang member is in danger, you can KOS the person that is putting him into danger. (Example: kidnap, mug, gunfight, etc.)
G4. If you are near a fellow gang member and he takes actions (For example a mug) you are responsible as well.
G5. If someone kills a fellow gang member, all gang members are allowed to get revenge. (The killer can only be killed once, if more it counts as RDM unless a war is going on.

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