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Police application, Shrek
RP Name: Shrek

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:106758539

Age: 16

Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ShrekIsDek/

Mic yes/no?: I do have one but i almost never use it. 

Are you in discord? discord.gg\hwaB7WG (Must be in discord to be cop): Yes.

What is the correct procedure if you want to pull someone over?: You turn on your lights or if they dont hear it your sirens. After that they will hoppely pull over on a safe spot if it isnt than you tell them to go on a more secure spot. 

What should you do if someone is evading but not endangering any lives?: Call for backup if you cant do it alone and if you are alone than try making him get stuck and if you are not alone and your fellow agent calls for backup you will try popping his tires with a spike strip.
When are you allowed to shoot at someone? Name 2 scenarios:

Are you allowed to be corrupt?: No.

Any past experience as a cop? (Doesn't have to be only gmod): I played as a cop before the server got restarted 

Do you understand that you need to follow all traffic laws?: I do.

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