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Staff Application (admin)
first of all , im applying as admin because everyone knows my knowledge about beeing staff and everyone knows what i can do and i dont need to proof myself

Personal Info
Your name: Rob
Your in-game name: Roberatzi
Your SteamID: STEAM_1:1:104792862 
Your age: 19 years old
Link to your Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/roberatzi

First language: German
Other languages (if any): English

Do you have a good quality microphone?: Yes, but not using it that much
Can your PC run the server without much lag?: i have a good pc and acceptable connection so lag should not be an issue

Do you have prior experience as staff?:many
Are you currently staff elsewhere?: no
What staff positions have you had?: from trial supporter to owner
What communities have you been staff with?: NFSRP, Galaxygaming.de, Dolumarp.de, and a few others but some closed , and all of em were dark rp
When did you leave and why?: mostly because the server closed or i didnt had my fun with my staff team

How active can you be on the server?:i would say active, but not 20 hrs a day, i work in nighttime and then ill go to sleep, wich means im online at 3 pm and go offline at 8 or 10 
How active can you be on the discord?: allday & night
How active can you be on the forums?: allday & night
How often are you on the server?: lets say roundabout every 2 days from 3 to 8-10

Server Knowledge
What can players roleplay as?: racer ( driver), cop, gmod eats delivery( job existent, but not working), tow trucker
Are you allowed to steal cars from other players?: yes 
How can players make money?: grow weed, flips, cop and tow trucker, gmod eats, packages, do races, gamble,
How can a crew benefit you?: as really active and helpfull person

Staff Situations
A new player joins and doesn't understand what to do. What do you do?: ill show him where the cardealer is and what he can do here 
A cop is randomly tasering people in spawn. What do you do?: verbal warn ---> warn----> kick -----> ban for good 3 or 4 days
A player steals you car. What do you do?: nothing, its allowed to steal cars and its not a staff situation
Someone is swearing constantly in OOC. What do you do?: tell him to stop otherwise a warn and gets muted
A player is blocking the door of the gun store. What do you do?: move him away since body blocking isnt alowed
A cop is breaking into properties to search them without reason. What do you do?: ask him if he has a search warrant and if not , he gets a warn for breaking in without reason
A player walks up to you and randomly shoots you to death. What do you do?: warn him and explain why he gets warned for RDM
A player has killed 5 others in spawn. What do you do?: freeze, and then warn, if he continues , he gets a ban for 1 week
Someone is ramming into other cars constantly. What do you do?: tell him that this is a roleplay, not a car wrecking festival and tell him to stop

thank you for reading my staff application. i hope you liked it and react with a positive answer !

Accepted, thorough staff knowledge and would make a good part of the staff team, welcome back.

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