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General Rules

1a. Be nice to other people, that includes not harassing, not to troll and show respect to people.

2a. If you will be caught cheating, hacking or exploiting/glitching you will be banned permanently.

3a. Do not spam in any way, that includes knocking on doors.

4a. Do not impersonate staff members.

5a. Do not evade any type of punishment.

6a. Do not advertise other servers or communities.

7a. Do not abuse your powers.

8a. Do not voteban/votekick or demote if a staff member is online.

9a. Do not spam the in-game camera.

10a. Your RP name must be realistic..

11a. If you spawn with a glitched weapon (example; Citizen with an unarrest stick.) tell an admin.

12a. If a staff member gives you a punishment do not argue with him if you feel you didn't deserve the punishment go to the server forums and select staff abuse or you can talk to the Owner/Co-Owner/Staff manager.

13a. You can't have more than 1 property at a time!

14a. If you decide to change your job name (/job <name>) it has to be roleplayish it cant be for example; "The stupid" or "Pls give money"

15a. Trolling people like telling "ALT+F4 for noclip or saying do unbindall in console for free money" is not allowed.

16a. If an admin sees someone using loopholes in rules they can take action on the situation and give punishment.

17a. The sale of any in-game items for real-life currency/items is not allowed.

18a. You are only allowed to buy VIP or In-game money from the official shop.

19a. Griefing is not allowed.

20a. Posting malicious links is not allowed.

21a. You are responsible for your own account!

22a. You can't have similar names like P.DRILLZ, F.DRILLZ , W.DRILLZ , D.DRILLZ 

23a. You can't grow weed or craft weapons outisde. You have to own a propery for that. 

24a. Obey staff members command!


Roleplay Rules

1b. Do not random deathmatch also know as RDM.

2b. Do not break New Life Rule also known as NLR.

3b. NLR timer is 5min.

4b. Do not FailRP.

5b. Do not abuse your job.

6b. If a CP arrests you, you cannot seek vengeance on him.

7b. Do not drop/give any job-specific items.

8b. Scamming is not allowed!

9b. Do not metagame.

10b. You are only allowed to advert one action.

11b. Adverts are in character chat.

12b. We use the FearRP rule.

13b. Using advdupe2 to bypass any blacklisted or banned objects such as E2 Wire is not allowed.


Kidnap/Mugging/Carjack Rules

1e. These rules only apply to crew jobs and drivers ( Except drivers are not allowed to kidnap) . 

2e. The time between mugging the same person is 20 minutes.

3e. One kidnap can only occur every 40 minutes. Max length to keep the hostage is 30 minutes after that execution must be done.

4e. Both crews must have at least 3 members online for a kidnap

5e. You can only kidnap people that are in other crews. Max kidnap money requested is 50k.

6e. The max mug is $8000.

7e. If you are in a still/parked vehicle and a class that can mug comes up to you with a weapon drawn and carjacks you, you must get out of the car as it isnt realistic to drive away and this breaks the FearRP rule.

8e. You cannot mug players who have less than 15 minutes of playtime in the current session.

9e. During a mug, the person you are mugging cannot be AFK and the mug must last a minimum of 6 full seconds.

10e. You cannot mug government officials.

11e. You don't need to advert carjacks

12e. A crew can only have 3 jacked cars in their base.

13e. There is no carjack cooldown.

14e. After 20 minutes of having the jacked car it must be dumped somewhere or sold to its owner.

15e. You cannot carjack to troll (Steal a car and dump it in the ocean.)

16e. You do need to advert an kidnap or an mug

17e. Cop cars cannot be carjacked




Vehicle Rules

1g. You are not allowed to repeatedly ram your vehicle into props, the map itself, or people.

2g. Do not spam your horn.

3g. Do not use your vehicle to block pathways/doorways/entrances/etc.

4g. Do not randomly shoot vehicles.

5g. You cannot have racist slurs, curse words or anything in that direction on your car as decal.

6g. Police skins can be only used as a police officer.



Job Specific Rules:


1h. Drivers cannot help any other job or crew with something.

2h. You cannot kidnap/heist.

All Crew jobs:

1m. Crews can only help their own crewmates and allied crews.

2m. A crew war can only occur when an admin is notified and both crew leaders agree. 

3m. You cannot abandon a Crew without telling the Leader

4m. If you abandon a crew there will be a wait time of 2 days before joining another crew



1k. Do not drive a car other than your tow truck.

2k. You cannot commit crimes.

3k. Ramming with your towtruck results in a permanent demotion.



1j. Do not drive a car other than your firetruck.

2j. You cannot commit crimes.

3j. Ramming with your firetruck results in a permanent demotion.

All Police jobs:

1i. When a heist occurs, you can break NLR 2 times (You have 2 lives) after that you cannot come back.

2i. CPs have to enforce the law and use the police department as their base.

3i. CPs can arrest anyone for having an illegal weapon committing crimes.

4i. CPs can shoot anyone for murder unless the suspect is acting in self-defense. This does not mean you cannot arrest them for illegal weaponry.

5i. CPs always have to try to arrest first unless the individual poses an IMMEDIATE threat.

6i. Stun stick abuse is not allowed.

7i. Weapon checking players randomly is not allowed.

8i. Arresting for no reason is not allowed.

9i. Warranting to check a house without any proof of contraband is not allowed.

10i. If a person is resisting arrest you are allowed to use lethal force.

11i. You may not drop your weapons as cp and switch jobs or supply to other people.

12i. Do not randomly deploy spike trips.

13i. You may not commit crimes or federal offenses.

14i. You're NOallowed to drive a car different to an official Police Vehicle 

15i. Max ticket is 10k

16i. You're not allowed to shoot tires of cars without a valid reason ( A valid reason would be that the suspect has been evading for 10 minutes or more or has committed a felony ) 

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