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Roy Malka Application
Personal Info
Your name: Roy Malka 
Your in-game name: Roy Malka
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:38260105
Your location: israel
Your age: 17 (almost 18)
Link to your Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/roymalka11/

First language: hebrew
Other languages (if any): english and little bit arabic

Do you have a good quality microphone?: Yes
Can your PC run the server without much lag?: Yep Tongue

Do you have prior experience as staff?: Yes
Are you currently staff elsewhere?: No
What staff positions have you had?: Admin , co-owner , moderator , Head Admin
What communities have you been staff with?: 3rdRangers , 4thRangers , PoliceRP , and couple of DarkRP servers that i dont remember their names Tongue
When did you leave and why?: All of those server got closed...

How active can you be on the server?: Alot , im playing a day something like 6 hours , you can even see...
How active can you be on the discord?: I am already active there alot because im using only discord.
How active can you be on the forums?: I am active on forums since i joined the server.
How often are you on the server?: Always when i have free time Tongue.. and i have alot Smile

Server Knowledge
What can players roleplay as?: driver,police officer if whitelisted , tow truckers, gmod eats and more...
Are you allowed to steal cars from other players?: Yes.
How can players make money?: drugs , mugs  , robs  , gmod eats  , deliveries  , jobs like tow trucker and more..
How can a crew benefit you?: claiming some territories , you can feel more safe...

Staff Situations
A new player joins and doesn't understand what to do. What do you do?: i will try to explain him how is the server works and i will explain him how to make money and get guns.
A cop is randomly tasering people in spawn. What do you do?: i will warn him 1 or 2 times and if they carry on there will be further consequences.
A player steals you car. What do you do?: making sure he did it on right way and making sure he didnt break any rule and if he didnt broke any rule ill leave him alone Tongue
Someone is swearing constantly in OOC. What do you do?: ask him to cal down , after couple of warnings i will mute him for some time.
A player is blocking the door of the gun store. What do you do?: removing his prop and i will explain him why he cant do prop block.
A cop is breaking into properties to search them without reason. What do you do?: i will stop him and explain him why he cant do that. if he will carry on there will be further consequences.
A player walks up to you and randomly shoots you to death. What do you do?: i will explain him he broke rdm rule. if he dont know what is that rule i will explain him what it says and why he cant rdm ppls.
A player has killed 5 others in spawn. What do you do?: i will ask him why he have done that and i will warn him for breaking mass rdm rule... if he will do it again i will ask higher rank what to do with him.
Someone is ramming into other cars constantly. What do you do?:

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