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demote grey sasha pls
Your name: Dimitrov pertuskisc

Your steamID: [b] STEAM_1:0:103784168[/b]

Name of the offender: grey sasha
Offender's steamID: STEAM_0:0:94117284

Rules Broken: he allways bumps into people and when i accidently bump into him his just shots at my car till it blows up and drive away

Date/Time of the incident: 12-9-2018  14:40 europe time

Extra info: just a bad staff member thats all
Thank you for your information. We will discuss this with our Staff Team.
I[Image: Tj5P.gif]
Grey sasha has been demoted!
dimi ma boi i destroyed your car bcz i spent tens of thousands of dollars on health bcz sum kids kept bumping into me and i warned if anyone bump into me i will destroy his car
sry mate i got pissed
you wot

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