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demote edric pang
Name: Dimitrov petruskisc
steamid: STEAM_0:0:103784168
reason: he put me in jail no valit reason because he said i was speeing fist up i was not and if i was it wouldnt be that bad so a ticket was the thing to do.
next up he claims i stole the car while i asked my friend famke louise to borrow it...... and now he claims i dont have a liscense i dont own a car and still the ticket of 6k was the thing to do..
You say no valid reason but speeding a stolen car is one and instead of trying to get the staff who were online to help like me you were breaking RP and screaming :" See you on the forums" and you never said it was your friends car, furthermore your "freind was never in the car making edric believe it is stolen.

This is no place for a demote request.

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