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New Stickers for DecalShop
Hi guys

Some players asked to put some missing decals like Flames / Skull / anime. So, i build around 40 decals and fixing some old one.
Actually it's not finished, maybe you got some ideas of what you want in the decals shop, you can reply here to give me your suggestion and maybe some pictures i could work on to be avaible for the server.

And at the end of this week, i will create a downloadable link then you can use it for the server:

Quote:How to add stickers on the server?

To add your own stickers to the list, you can create a workshop addon with the folder "materials/stickers/" containing .png images. Then, add the addon to "lua/autorun/server/stickers.lua" to make players download it.

You can also add .png images directly to the "materials/stickers/" folder of TexStickers, but this is slower and can cause the "phantom sticker" issue (a sticker not visible for some people because they had it on another server).

Some examples of what i create or fix (i let them in color on the forum, but they are all white and colorable on the server, with no background):

[Image: 1537752149-gladiator-helm-red.png][/url][url=][Image: 1537752333-skull-1.png][Image: 1537752288-torreto-rx7.png]
[Image: 1537752166-bearninjacolor-1.png][Image: 1537752292-anime-01.png][Image: 1537752311-anime-12.png]
[Image: 1537752288-jdm-flagrw.png][Image: 1537752335-nismo.png]
[Image: 1537752317-flame-2.png][Image: 1537752314-flame-4.png]
Added most of them
Added most of them
ok, i fixed some of them and create some new. They are all on a .zip folders.

Some are a bit broken, but should work on some special background car.

The folder is too big to be put on the forum, but if you give me a mail adress, i could send them to you.

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