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unbann me plz srsly unban me im sry
Your In-game name: john lark aka grey sasha or tyrell aventore 

Your SteamID STEAM_0:0:9411728

Link/Picture to ban: 

Explain what happened: well i was offending my african friend damian  telling him i will send u water so its racism and well i m always offend ppl without knowing my limits im sory damian i didnt realize how shity i am 

Why should you be unbanned?:  well i need to help john in crew bussiness and i need to get back to my club catalyst to run my bussiness 

Any proof you have: what proff that i have club catalyst and i have bussiness yes i do damian and john andeson seen my club and the 3d text srcreens on the door 

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Racism/Several Warnings for exploiting/Scamming in the past/Swearing multiple times/disobeying the rules

You've been banned for these reasons,

I have given you multiple warnings and you continue you're outrageous behaviour.

Even though Ill reduce your ban to 1 day
reBanned due to abuse and incorrect behaviour you're not allowed to reappeal

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