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George's ban request.
Your name: George
Your steamID: STEAM_0:0:183737387

Name of the offender: Myself, George.
Offender's steamID: STEAM_0:0:183737387

Rules Broken: Rank abuse, disrespecting players & staff, LTAP , CLOG , Job abuse, Disrespecting owners ( Ivan, Ryan ), Spamming, Faking proof for self gain, Abusing glitches for money.

Proof: Well, I was kicked from discord, and I am not coming back so you may as well perm me as I have basically done enough to be permed, it is because of drama, it is because of certain players and It is what makes me do this, after being harassed into making this I would like to be permed from Simplerp , it's been fun while it lasted but you guys made it clear I am not welcome here and I have thought about making this for a while and here I am. I would like to say goodbye to John Anderson and only him as he is the reason I even came here and he is the only person, after all of this did not block me and never talk to me again.

Date/Time of the incident: August 5th 2018 - October 29th.

Extra info: Goodbye.
Immature post but okay
Goodbye and goodluck with your life further on.
You got your ban Wink

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