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Apply As a Staff Member
Moderator Application

The minimum age for applicants is 16.

Personal Info
Your name: Robin
Your in-game name: Robert Duck
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:104792862
Your location: Germany
Your age: 18
Link to your Steam Profile:

First language: German
Other languages (if any): English

Do you have a good quality microphone?: Nope , not at the moment , because i moved , and lost my microphone somehow
Can your PC run the server without much lag?: Yes

Do you have prior experience as staff?: Yes
Are you currently staff elsewhere?: No
What staff positions have you had?: from supporter to co owner
What communities have you been staff with?: Zockerstube ( closed ), HogwartsRP, NFSRP
When did you leave and why?:most because the server closed , but here i got kicked out 

How active can you be on the server?: very active ( most at night
How active can you be on the discord?: very active
How active can you be on the forums?: very active
When did you first play on the server?: puhhh, i really dont know ... if you mean the new nfsrp , then about 2-3 weeks ago 
How often are you on the server?:

Server Knowledge
What can players roleplay as?: as a crew member, a police officer, a normal driver, towtrucker, firefighter
Can cops drive normal cars?: no
Are you allowed to steal cars from other players?: Yes 
How can players make money?: Racing, Delivery, Kidnap
How can a crew benefit you?: they can help you if u are in a difficult situation

Staff Situations
A new player joins and doesn't understand what to do. What do you do?: i show him around, and tell him, what he can do here
A cop is randomly tasering people in spawn. What do you do?: i warn him for random taser 
A player steals you car. What do you do?:nothing, if he is in another crew 
Someone is swearing constantly in OOC. What do you do?: i tell him not to do that, if he continues , i warnkick him
A player is blocking the door of the gun store. What do you do?:i tell him to go away , otherwise i physgun him away. and if the person is doing that several times , i warn him for propblocking
A cop is breaking into properties to search them without reason. What do you do?: i warn him, because he must have a search warrant
A player walks up to you and randomly shoots you to death. What do you do?: i warn him for RDM
A player has killed 5 others in spawn. What do you do?: i warnkick him for RDM
Someone is ramming into other cars constantly. What do you do?: i tell him to drive more carefull , because its forbidden

i know , that my playtime / activity is not that good , but because im more active at night , i could be very usefull, because some players still wants a normal RP at night too .... but some people think, they can start RDM and CDM.... and that really ruins the roleplay.... and i want a good roleplay , no matter if its day time , or night time 

i hope i woke up your interest,

Signed by: Robert Duck 
[Image: giphy.gif]

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